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Our business activities

Thanks to the DevOps approach we exploit new sharing and integration logics between developers and operations workers and more vertical crowdsourcing, accelerating the design, testing and release time of business solutions, ensuring the quality and safety of the software developed.

Services offered
We constantly take care of our client throughout the sales process by:

  • monitoring logs and maintenance of machines
  • simplifying the order management
  • offering the better omnichannel experience

We integrate the new technologies into our business processes to boost the effectiveness of our services to clients, steering them into the digital transformation process, where organizations need to adapt to the evolving technological landscape.

Services offered
We help our clients to improve their:

  • brand’s reputation
  • customer experience
  • the retention ratios through our services salesforce commerce cloud

Our main goal is to create highly innovative next-generation services. Therefore we are focusing on specialized people that work on R&D programs in the Industry 4.0 an IoT environment in synergy with partners in order to identify and implement new business opportunities at the best.

Services offered
Our services are based on:

  • digitization
  • automation
  • interconnection of production processes

We offer advanced technologies as:

  • IoT, AI, Augmented Reality
  • Predictive Data, Data Mining
  • different kind of recognition


RETAIL BCAME helps clients accelerate their response to the opportunities of digital transformation in the retail sector, by providing customer-centric solutions, which create real value. Among the objectives: increase customer omnichannel’s experience and retention ratios in order to increase transaction volumes.

TELCO BCAME adopts a new paradigm in the telecoms market: ‘more is more’. We help Telecom Companies to manage and to automate their omnichannel interactions with customers through the big data mining. In turn this becomes an enabler to tap into additional revenue opportunities.

Tourism and hospitality companies have to modernize their technology to keep up with customer requests, while improving operations.
TOURISM BCAME helps companies to reinvent themselves by engaging customer experiences and stronger services loyalty programs with tools like travel AI, chatbots and data-driven insights.

Our clients

What we provide ours clients with is: Industry knowledge, Tech expertise, An innovation culture.

Bcame for COIN S.p.A.
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Bcame manages the Coin’s eCommerce thanks to the hight competence of a certificated salesforce team, that guarantee the quality of service.

In accordance with OVS’s omnichannel strategy, bcame took care of the Digital Personal Shopper service, that helps users to choose the items and to book the appointment in the store for their testing.
Bcame has developed the My size service, which allows the user to identify a garment in the requested size with delivery through the “click & collect” service. In addition, bcame is responsible for the content design of the OVS kiosk, for the OVS Piombo App as well as for the restyling of current website and the OVS ID service – digital OVS card.

Bcame for OVS S.p.A
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Bcame for Sparkle S.p.A
(TIM Group)
more about SEA-ME-WE-5

Bcame, in partneship with Advice, has created the software that govern and manage the line SeaMeWe-5, a submarine cables system of 20000 km that connects seventeen countries through their points of presence in Western Europe.

Bcame manages the eCommerce of Trussardi, ensuring the order management process and offering the clients’ better omnichannel experience. The hight quality service is guaranteed by bcame’s team certified salesforce.

Bcame for Trussardi S.p.A
Trussardi ecommerce
Bcame for Primadonna S.p.A
Primadonna ecommerce

Bcame has taken over Primadonna’s eCommerce, developing the multi-country and multi-language management area, thus improving the user’s shopping experience. A team made up of professionals dedicated to the project also offers daily support in the management of the customer’s stores, in the resolution of bugs and in the development of increasingly complex evolutions.

Bcame has developed a tool for the transcoding of multibrand catalogs for Vinicio. The transformation of the catalog data into input allows to obtain an output in line with the customer’s internal systems, inherent in the management of the ERP part of all sales channels.

Bcame for VINICIO
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