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O n July 2019, bcame was born thanks to the ambition and experience of top managers, senior engineers, researchers and professionals from the largest international ICT Companies.
Bcame was founded as a corporate spin-off of H-Farm which, a few months after its establishment, boasts clients such as Oviesse, Coin, Trussardi and several important partnerships, including Advice, with which it manages the software that governs the SeaMeWe-5 line in Telecom Sparkle, STMicroelettonics with which a research and development project is currently underway, the Triboo SpA Group and many others awaiting definition.

Come and meet us at the inauguration of the venue to be held on 25 October 2019 in Catania.

Viale Artale Alagona 27H Catania (Italy)

+39 095 718 1030

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